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Are you willing to become a computer science internship and you are curious to know what skill and degree you need to have to ge a computer science internship then you are at right place now you do not need to go anywhere because in this article we will give you a details information about the computer science internships perk and benefit and what you will do during an internship period then without wasting any time let’s start.

How to get computer science internships?

 To get an internship form a reputed company like google, microsoft , wells fargo bank you need to make you mind fully sharp and you have to understand why they actually want from you because if you don’t know what they expect from then how how can prepared for their interview process and how you could you crack their exam.

Here we will give you a detailed knowledge of what you should have and what is less important that you can even ignore.

Basic requirement:

To get a computer science internship offer your first step is to get an undergraduate degree in computer science , Information technology or any circuit branch from a recognition board or university. 

Most of the university companies came to give a offer for computer science internships and generally their hiring process ends in 3 to 4 steps depending on company mind and they rule.

  1. Cv selection on the basis of average CGPA mark and relevant skill.
  2. Online coding assessment .
  3. Interview 1 to 2 depending on company rules and regulation.
  4. HR interview

There are many different marks you will obtain in different sections and you must know that each round is an elimination round so you need to be careful in each round.

There are some of the different strategies to tackle different rounds that you need to know if you really want computer science internships offered.

Resume selection tips:

To get selected for your resume you need to first focus on your.

  • linear CGPA marks obtained in each semester.
  • Maximum technical skill related to that job profile like you should have a knowledge of programming languages cpp, java ,python.
  • You should have a good project .

Online coding assessment 

This is a second round so in this round they asked  2 to 3 coding questions and you need to correct 70 to 80 percent marks. Actually marks distribution in this round is done on the basis of the number of test cases passed.

So to crack this round you should have good command on language along that you should have goog problems solving skill so strat you preparation form flowing platform.

  • Leetcode
  • GFG
  • Codechef 
  • Codeforce

Interview process:

To crack this round you should have good communication skills along with good problem solving skills . and during the interview round it is recommended that you keep your body language state forward without  any nervousness.

 Hr round: 

This is the last round to get computer science internships and in this round your basic information will be asked and in this interview you need to be royal and tell them everything truthfully.

We hope this information is helpful in your journey to achieve an internship in computer science and in case there are any doubts remaining in your mind then you can refer to the frequently asked question below.

Perk and benefit of doing computer science internships?

Perks and benefits after getting an internship in computer science depend on the company and that differs also so if you got an offer form a reputed company they pay on average 70 to 80 thousand per month and their other perk and benefit. 

The other most important thing about doing computer science internships is that that company generally offers a PPA (pre placement offer) so you do not need to go through the same hiring procedure.

Some FAQs:

How to get off campus computer science internships?

If you did not get any internship during your on campus placement process then you can go through off campus for that you can explore some of the platforms from where companies post to hire post. Platforms like , internshala etc.

What is the average salary of a computer science internship?

Average salary for computer science internships is 70,000 to 80,000 depending on the company.
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What is the minimum CGPA required ?

An average CGPA of 7.5 to 8 is required to get eligible for computer science internships.

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