Quantum computers 60 minutes.






 Quantum computers 60 minutes., Quantum computer not undoubtedly is able to do the task in a  minute that a normal computer may take more than 1000 days and also if you it is said that Although transistor-based computers of today have their limitations, quantum computers may be able to solve issues in physics, chemistry, engineering, and medicine that are now thought to be unsolvable. 

In today’s era there are different types of problems we face and the computers of today’s era computers that are transistor-based computers can not be able to solve these problems ,not today, not tomorrow and never also .

IBM Director of Research Dario Gil said.”In actuality, you need to display and handle information differently. That’s what you get with quantum.”

What is a quantum computer?

Transistors have been used by computers to process data for decades, and as more transistors are crammed onto chips, technology advances. Since a transistor can only store information in one of two states, zero or one more transistors are needed for faster, more powerful computing.

Developing a dependable, all-purpose quantum computer is a challenging task. The processor housing the qubits at Google’s quantum computer facility was demonstrated to Scott Pelley, a reporter for 60 Minutes, by Charina Chou, the company’s chief operating officer.

According to Chou, one of the coldest places in the cosmos is the enclosed quantum computer at Google’s facility. Qubits are isolated from external vibrations and electrical resistance is removed by the deep freeze.

Globally, businesses and nations are competing to be the first to create quantum computing technology. Quantum technology has been designated as a key national priority by China, while the US government is investing close to $1 billion a year in research. 

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Unveiling Potential Applications:

The consequences of quantum computing are felt in many different domains:

  • Materials science and medicine discovery: The creation of new materials and medications may proceed more quickly thanks to quantum simulations.
  • Quantum algorithms have the potential to transform investment strategies and require quantum-resistant protocols in the domains of financial modeling and cybersecurity.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Personalized healthcare and driverless cars could be revolutionized by quantum-powered AI.
  • Climate modeling and weather forecasting could benefit from the use of quantum computing to increase forecasting accuracy and comprehend climate change.

Google vs. IBM: The Quantum Innovation Pioneers

Google and IBM are racing against one other to create the most potent and adaptable quantum computers. Currently the largest commercially accessible quantum system with 127 qubits, IBM’s Eagle processor competes with Google’s Sycamore processor, which achieves quantum supremacy. Both businesses consistently unveil innovations that propel the advancement of quantum computing.

It is good to be up to date about the new technology that is why we highly recommend you to join the quantum discussion.

Take Part in the Quantum Discussion:

Technology is becoming more interesting than ever as we wait for the quantum revolution to happen. Continue to learn and be interested, and get ready for the amazing possibilities that quantum computing will bring. Comment below with your ideas about the possibilities and difficulties of quantum computing!

Quantum computers 60 minutes

Maintaining a quantum coherence between these qubits is the primary technological hurdle, but IBM will show its Quantum System Two tomorrow, with three times as many qubits as its original prototype.  Several salient exchanges from the 60 Minutes segment include:

Lets see some questions related to that night on Quantum computers CBS 60 minutes.

Scott Pelley: Is it possible to tackle the issues preventing quantum computing?

Hartmut Neven: I’ll admit that my title is “chief optimist” in this instance. Having said that, I would argue that we are at a position where more fundamental discoveries are not necessary. We occasionally need minor upgrades. To construct ever-larger systems, all we need to do is integrate the components well once they are all in place.

Scott Pelley: And in what time frame do you believe all of this will be included into a system?

Yes, says Hartmut Neven. We frequently declare our intention to finish it by the end of the decade in order to utilize the Kennedy proverb, “Get it done by the end of the decade.”

Scott Pelley: The end of this decade?

Hartmut Neven: Yes.

Scott Pelley: What are the odds that this will be one of those things that is ready in five years and will remain that forever?

Dario Gil As of today, we do not see any impediment to the development of systems with tens of thousands or perhaps a hundred thousand qubits interacting with one another. Thus, we have a great deal of confidence that we will succeed.

Summary: Quantum computers 60 minutes

In conclusion, quantum computing is no longer limited to science fiction; rather, it is a genuine technology that is influencing future developments. The episode of 60 Minutes gave a thorough rundown of quantum computing’s present status, stressing its possible uses, the competition between Google and IBM, and the difficulties that accompany advancement. Even though it’s not yet ready to completely replace traditional computers, quantum computing could lead to previously unheard-of breakthroughs in the fields of science, medicine, and other fields. Watch this space for the emerging quantum era, where anything is conceivable.

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