Why Is Figuring Out The Unit Price of Something Useful When Shopping?






In one sentence we can say, to determine the best deal of a product figuring out the unit price of something useful when shopping. Unit price is a valuable parameter to compare price per quantity between materials.

Let’s Elaborate Why Is Figuring Out The Unit Price Of Something Useful When Shopping

Shopping malls or grocery store, stores product of a variety of brands with different quantities. Buyers get confused about which one is cheap. Here unit price plays an important role in clearing the confusion. Buyers should compare unit prices among the products. Which one gives the lowest value, is the cheapest product.

How to Calculate The Unit Price Of Something When Shopping

If the unit price is not given on the packet of the product, don’t worry about it. Here we discussed the process of calculating the unit price.

The formula of unit price is = Total price of the product / Total weight of the product.

Let’s imagine you are comparing a product of two different brands, 1st one is brand ‘’Y’’ and the 2nd one is brand ‘’Z’’.

The price of brand ‘’Y’’ is $100 and its weight is 5 Kg.

The price of brand ‘’Z’’ is $ 90 and weight is 3 Kg.

Therefore, the unit price of brand “Y’’ is = $ 100 / 5 Kg
                                                              = $ 20 per Kg

                   Unit price of brand ‘’ Z ‘’ is = $ 90 / 3 Kg

                                                                  = $30 per Kg

The unit price of brand ‘’Y’’ is less than the unit price of brand ‘’Z’’. 

You should buy the brand “Y” product, as it is a cheaper product.   

The Best Way To Get Reliable Information About A Product 

Online review is the best way to get reliable information about a product. Anyone can easily get information and valuable reviews from online searching. Previous buyers already have given these reviews and ratings. Read those reviews and analyse the rating, then take the decision whether you will buy the product or not. According to the thumb rule, the above 4 rating products are good.

5 major things to consider in your budget

The top five things that should be considered in your budget every month are, 

1. Grocery

2. Daily use utilities

3. Medicine

4. Water and electric bill

5. Transportation cost.

3 R’s Of A Good Budget

Refuse, Reduce and Reuse are the 3 R of a good budget.

Refuse: Notice those things or services, that are not being used but you pays the fees every month. Refuse to take it and save your money.

Reduce:  Look at the waste material, that you bought more than your need. Think and calculate how much you need. Reduce buying unnecessary materials and save your money.

Reuse: Don’t through away your household items before thinking. Some of them you can reuse from another perspective.  Search online and take some DIY ideas on how to reuse and upcycle old material.


Where can you find the Unit Price?

Look at the near price tag of the product. Generally, Unit price has been given near price tag.

What if the unit price isn’t listed?

Don’t worry about it, you can easily calculate the unit price by using the formula.
Unit price = Total price of the product / Total weight of the product. 
For details visit this article.

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