7 Tips for Successful Outdoor Entertaining






Outdoor entertaining is an Australian tradition. Whether it’s a casual barbecue or a garden party, hosting an unforgettable outdoor event is all about the right planning, setting the right atmosphere, and of course, selecting the perfect outdoor furniture in Brisbane. Here are seven tips to help you host a successful outdoor gathering.

Plan for the Weather

It should go without saying that Brisbane’s weather can be unpredictable. Regardless of the season, always have a backup plan in case of unexpected rain or extreme heat. For these purposes, you might consider investing in a good quality outdoor umbrella or a marquee. It’s also important to be mindful of the time of your event. If it’s during the day, ensure there’s enough shade for guests. If it’s in the evening, consider the temperature drop and have blankets on hand just in case.

Lighting is Key

Outdoor lighting can transform your space while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights, lanterns and solar lights can add a magical touch to your garden. Candles are also a great low-tech way to create a cosy and intimate setting. The goal with lighting should be to achieve a soft and inviting glow, not to illuminate every corner of your garden.

Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture in Brisbane

Outdoor furniture is the backbone of your event, providing comfort for your guests and setting the tone for your gathering. When choosing outdoor furniture in Brisbane, consider both style and functionality. Opt for pieces that are durable and weather-resistant while also complementing your outdoor space. Consider a mix of seating options, like sofas, lounge chairs and stools, allowing you to accommodate different preferences and to take full advantage of your available outdoor space.

Comfort is Crucial

While the aesthetic of your outdoor furniture in Brisbane is important, comfort should also be a priority. Ensure your guests are comfortable by adding plush cushions and throws to your seating. It’s additionally important to consider the flow of your space. There should be enough room for guests to move around comfortably without feeling cramped, but also enough space covered so the setting doesn’t feel awkward.

Set the Mood with Music

Music is key to setting the mood for your outdoor event. Choose a playlist that suits the occasion and the crowd. Remember, the music should be background noise, not overpowering the conversation. Consider investing in specially made outdoor speakers for a more immersive experience.

Don’t Forget About Food & Drinks

No gathering is complete without good food and drinks. Plan your menu according to the style of your event and your guests’ preferences. Whether it’s a barbecue, a buffet or a sit-down dinner, ensure there’s a variety of options on offer to cater to different dietary requirements. Also, be sure to keep your guests hydrated by having a selection of drinks on offer.

Create a Bug-Free Zone

Don’t let pesky bugs ruin your outdoor event. There are several ways to keep insects at bay. Citronella candles, bug zappers or a simple fan can help keep your space bug-free. Where possible, try to halt the use of bug sprays and other chemical deterrents, as the scents and effects of these sprays can be nauseating and unpleasant for guests.


Hosting an outdoor gathering, while challenging, doesn’t have to be daunting. With these seven tips and the right outdoor furniture in Brisbane, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a memorable event that your guests will cherish for years to come.

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