What are the key benefits of plastic strip doors?






You have probably seen plastic strip doors in a retail store, manufacturing plant, or warehouse without giving them a second thought, but they are commonly used for very good reasons. They are typically used to separate two areas of a warehouse or perhaps inside and outside spaces. They are versatile and durable and are perfect for doorways with high traffic where there is a lot of manoeuvring of products.

They can minimise pest and debris problems.

Where you find rubbish bins, there will be pests, and where you find an external opening, there will be wind and debris. This can be an issue, for example in the food industry. Open doorways cannot always be monitored and can provide access to all sorts of small pests, such as insects. Using plastic strips for doorways minimises the incursions of pests, but still allows the free flow of foot traffic. Moreover, they can help to prevent dust, debris, and other contaminants entering a building from outside which will help to maintain sanitary conditions.

They can help to control temperatures.

Plastic strip doorways can help with regulating temperatures. These can be difficult to maintain if employees are continuously moving through an open doorway. Plastic strip doorways are sealed but still easy to move through when necessary, so they ensure that when the door is open, the temperature around the doorway can still be controlled. Furthermore, in cool rooms, they add an extra layer of insulation to support air conditioning, which will help to manage energy costs.

They can save your business money.

Plastic strip doorways are relatively inexpensive. They are a lot cheaper to purchase, fit and repair than most conventional doors and can retain heat in workspaces to help reduce energy bills. They are made-to-measure, so they provide a good seal, better thermal efficiency and consequent reduction in energy consumption.

They help to maintain workflow.

Plastic strip doorways, due to their flexibility, are easy to manoeuvre through when transporting heavy loads by hand or with a forklift. Large machinery can easily pass through these doorways without inconvenience to the driver.

They are highly durable.

Plastic strip doorways are designed to be durable. They are made to be able to withstand the wear and tear resulting from frequent movement and can endure significant stress before stretching or breaking.

They can improve safety.

Plastic strip doorways are virtually transparent, so it is easy to see who or what is coming or going. This reduces the risk of accidents in the workplace. Employees can safely manoeuvre through these doorways with ease.

They are versatile.

As plastic strip doorways are custom-made from a range of PVC materials, colours and sizes, you will easily find one to suit your needs. For example, they can be freezer grade, insect-repellent, or welding grade, thin, wide or single sheet.

So, all things considered, it is hard to deny that plastic strip doorways can offer an appealing cost-effective option for your business. Why not take advantage of these benefits and choose plastic strip doorways to fill in the gaps in your doorways?

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